Kris Uhlhorn, better known as The Bongfather, launched Special K Glass in 1998. Kris has been working hard to cultivate a devoted following for his amazing blown glass creations over the last 20 years. Special K Glass is recognized for its one-of-a-kind handblown bongs and pipes. Each item is a handcrafted beautiful piece of art that is as functional as it is visually stunning. You can also purchase Special K Glass products such as bongs and pipes or pick up other great Special K Glas products like Captain Dabbin’ comic books and Special K Merchandise.

One of the coolest parts about us though is that we create our bongs post-industrial recycled materials. The only non-recycled aspect of our work is the dyed we use to create the unique coloring. Otherwise, everything else is reused and sustainably sourced!

Special K Glass blows more than 100 unique pieces every day. For those looking to pick up one of our hand-blown glass bongs and pipes, we hold 20+ live auctions online daily and daily giveaways!. All auctions are held on Instagram Live, and Instagram is coincidentally the best way to get ahold of us. However, you can always email us at glass.specialk@gmail.com if you’d prefer. If you are looking for something specific or a fan favorite, you can always browse our site to view our upcoming auction items and shop for specific fan-favorite pipes and bongs directly.

To learn more about us, check out our Instagram, tune in for a live auction, or feel free to reach out to us anytime with any questions!

Meet the Team!